Friday, December 4, 2009


Movism- Constantly moving forward with no end in a positive pay it forward way. A humanitarian movement for artists and people to create only positive art and gifts from the heart which will keep giving back,spread the gift of love and help to heal the human spirit and condition.
There are no boundaries in the medium of the created art other than it must be created deep with in the creators positive core. The end result must effect someone in a positive way and if it is sold a portion of the money must go to help someone less fortunate. The creator of the art must keep the positive movement flowing forward in a philanthropic manner. The receiver of the gift must do the same.

In My extensive research on art movements since the beginning of time,I found that most if not all movements seem to be created from the human ego. This essentially means art created to get accolades,fame,approval and money. These are all a bonus but, MOVISM is the exact opposite. It was created for the selfless to create gifts for others with no concern for themselves. The end result for others to have a better life.

In less than 24 hours Movism already has an amazing team. We are more than happy to add as many members as possible with our same passion to help. Please understand this is an active movment.If you wish to jump in you will be changing the world.